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Traing & Human Resource Develpment Association- VTHR is a non-profit, non-governmental, and non-political voluntary Membership Association that was established in Vietnam in 2021. The aim of VTHR is to provide interaction among Members and the local/international business communities. 

VTHR office services: training and human resource development organizing domestic and foreign events on trade promotion, tourism and investment; media activities; media advertisement; real estate;  trading products and services of telecommunications and information technology; consulting, surveying, designing; television and multimedia services; vocational training in the fields of information technology and beauty; supporting international students and labor (international exchange); promote the enterprise's products to reach international markets etc..,

VTHR staffs: Graduating with masters, PhDs from USA, UK, Korea, Hongkong majoring in law, economics, foreign trade, business administration, construction ... There are also a team of Graduates in information technology, journalism, linguistics, information technology, economics, trade ... have many years of experience in managing many projects of state agencies, domestic and foreign enterprises. countries of different scales. We have organized many successful international events in Korea, Thailand, Japan, Italy, America.

VTHR has determined its development  based on a strong, long-term and sustainable cooperation among countries around the world with Vietnam. Whether you work at multi-national Corporations or as a one-desk trader; whatever nationality you are, you may be an ingenious entrepreneur or a diligent industrialist as long as you pursuit the same interest of business networking under a global commercial sky. 

We offer a myriad of services to our members (and in some cases, non-members) to help them establish and develop their business in Vietnam

Through your profile in the Membership Directory, potential clients and customers can find you, or we can refer them to you!



VTHR is the voice of VN business striving for an open and fair market environment in countries. We promote international enterprise sustainable investment and trade through good corporate citizenship, collaboration and engagement.

Our events have the potential to help your brands reach their target audiences and have an impact where it counts. Find out more about how your business can benefit by sponsoring for business events. Advertisement is also possible through our various print and digital publications, directly visible to thousands of key personnel and companies  around the world.

1. Set up International Events 

2. Create advertising videos

3. Design websites, logos, packaging

4. Set up tour and business meetings

5. Complete Supply Chain Management Services

6.Compete Quality Control Inspection Services

7.Representative and/or Buyer’s Agent Services

8.Import and Export Services

9.Skilled Local Management Group

10.Advertsing on APBA website, Vietnam websites (tuoitre, VOH...) and JBC; asia news business channels