With a team of many years of experience, we always try our best to provide customers with the best quality of event organization services, promote customers' brands to reach further and increase benefits. and promoting production and business activities, connecting domestic and foreign trade such as Korea, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Russia, America ...

1- Organizing conferences, scientific seminars, trade and investment promotion

2- Organize vocational training courses

3- Organize the celebration, opening, inauguration, customer gratitude.

4- Organize the Groundbreaking Ceremony

Aiming to serve customers with quality of service according to international standards, We make the event on time, ensure the right requirements, follow up during the organization and check before the event to operate. get the best results.

The difference in the way of organizing events is that we give out unique, new, special ideas and are ready to advise customers; bring out the latest and greatest designs and deliver a successful event hosting service.

VTHR delivers a strategic, creative, turnkey solution for meeting and event planning services. With over 10 years of experience producing award-winning programs across the globe, we have been recognized with 20 international awards. Our reputation and expertise, combined with a proven track record of outstanding service, affords our customers a stress-free and positive experience throughout the lifecycle of their programs. We are process-driven, results-oriented, and bottom-line focused, taking time to listen to our customers’ needs and translate them into successful outcomes.


The media industry covers a wide variety of areas- advertising, broadcasting and networking, news, print and publication, digital, recording, and motion pictures and each has its own associated infrastructure.

Media companies operate within these areas and offer products and services to end-users from individuals to large organizations. This list of the top media companies provides a look into their businesses and operations.

 We focus on Digital Marketing, Media Buying, Creative Design & Production

  • Media networks: everything within TV, radio, and cable networks and related operations

  • Parks and resorts: theme parks, hotels, resorts, sports complex, dining and entertainment facilities, and water sports establishments

  • Studio entertainment: live-action and animated pictures for distribution in the Asia-Pacific through subsidiaries and worldwide through partner companies

  • Consumer products and interactive media: online and mobile games and gaming consoles; licensing and retailing of trade names, characters, and properties, plus educational books and magazines

  • Package event organization: Script, quote, advise reasonable event organization plan for customers. Provide event organizer: PG, model, MC, singer, dance group, dance group, band, famous artist,,,,Supply, design, construction of event equipment: sound, light, stage, canvas, space rig, projector, LED screen, booth, backdrop,



Since its establishment, Newstar Foreign Language Center has welcomed tens of thousands of students to attend English, Korean, and Japanese language classes from basic to advanced levels, exam preparation classes, and more. only national foreign languages, listening and speaking skills classes, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC classes for Business English (BEC). The Center has made a significant contribution to improving foreign language skills for many classes in the provinces in Mekong Delta and other cities/provinces also
The Center has full legal status, its own seal and account to operate in accordance with the law.
Through this, our Center would like to sincerely thank the parents and students for trusting and choosing Star Foreign Language Center as the first step in equipping foreign language knowledge to be a solid luggage to step into the future. future.

English training: from 5-18 years old, specialized English, conversation, grammar.
Korean language training: for students who planed to study at Bachelor, Master and Doctor in Korea; conversational training course for people who planed to work in Korea.
Japanese language training: for students who planed to study Bachelor, Master, or Doctor  in Japan; conversational training course for people who planed to work in Japan


Vocational training includes long-term vocational training and short-term vocational training. Long-term vocational training is carried out in the form of new training and re-training in order to provide a contingent of technical workers, skilled professionals, capable of accessing and proficiently using technical.

To support human resources for industrial parks, export processing zones, and labor export.

Short-term vocational training, vocational training organized in classes - both theory and practice; vocational training in the form of tutoring at the workshop or at the production site - mainly practice skills training; technology transfer - passing on to apprentices new technologies, how used in the production process to create finished products to create opportunities for workers to find jobs.



Trading in products and services of telecommunications, information technology, and multimedia communication.

Consulting, surveying, designing, installing, exploiting, maintaining, repairing, leasing works, telecommunications equipment, information technology.

Researching, developing, manufacturing, manufacturing, trading, exporting, importing telecommunications equipment, products, information technology, and multimedia.

Related business lines:

Financial investment in telecommunications, information technology and multimedia.

Advertising, market research, organizing conferences, seminars and exhibitions related to the main business lines; fostering and supplying human resources in telecommunications, information technology and multimedia fields.


If your company has interesting information about an issue, a product, or a service that VTHR members may find useful, VTHR can be your ideal event partner. We will support your event by taking care of all logistics arrangements: promoting the event, dealing with hotel(s) for meeting rooms and food & beverages, sending invitations, receiving registrations and welcoming guests at the event.


Company will provide topic, event description for web site, and speaker for event (ideally 6 weeks before event). Company logo will be presented on Event Description on VTHR Website and Event backdrop as Event Sponsor Company will have 3 complimentary tickets to the Event, including speaker Company will receive a full list of participants and photo album after event

To lead in fostering and connecting Australian and Vietnam community interests for the benefit of our members and the Australian community by:

Facilitating opportunities for your businesses in Vietnam and Vietnam business in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Italia, USA, India..

Connecting your business community in Vietnam Promoting corporate social responsibility

Advocate – by representing the interests of members across government and industry through formal representation with:

Asia-Pacific Governments Vietnamese/ Korea/Japanese/Indian Government Chambers of Commerce Tuoitreonline/VOH/Saigontime

Connect – by creating an environment for members to meet and learn through various events including:

Minimum of three Signature events (Australian Business Awards, Meet APBA, Vietnam Real Estate Market Symposium in Hanoi, Danang,  HCMC and Mekong Delta Business seminars on topical and relevant issues Monthly Sundowners networking events in Hanoi and HCMC. Events in the South of Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipnes, India, USA, Italia


Free Marketing Platform & Exclusive Discounts: The  VTHR Membership Benefits Programme provides marketing channels for member partners to promote their lifestyle products/services by offering exclusive discounts or privileges to members. Bring along your Membership Card to enjoy many special offers relating to travel, entertainment, dining, office needs, shopping and many more!


VTHR members can utilise a variety of advertising platforms to get their message, products or services across to VIETNAM business community. Members enjoy exclusive discounts on all our advertising services.


Sponsorship opportunities are offered throughout the year for most of VTHR events. To source sponsors, we send email alerts and messages to our members to upcoming sponsorship opportunities, with specific members occasionally contacted directly to sponsor an event if the content of the event matches their profile. We encourage any member who may be interested in joining us as a sponsor to contact our team to make us aware of your specific interests and profile so that we are able to alert you to the opportunities that best match your publicity objectives.

If you are a company or organization looking at sponsoring a number of events throughout the year as part of your marketing strategy, we strongly advise you become a VTHR partner and gain first choice of sponsorship rights to a number of events.

General benefits for event sponsors:

  • Sponsors' logos displayed in prominent positions on all event publicity and documentation such as flyers, ticketing, banners, backdrops, standees, advertisements and posters.
  • Sponsor can display company literature, establish a company booth or table and run a corporate video during registration and at the end of the event.
  • Sponsor's name mentioned in the opening and closing speeches of all sponsored events, and in all related press releases and conferences.
  • In most cases, sponsors are provided with free tickets to the event and invited to be seated at the VIP table.

Please note that as general benefits, not all of the above may apply to the event you are interested in sponsoring. To see whether these and other sponsorship opportunities are available for a specific event, get in touch with us via the email contact as follow: and phone number (+84) 815615599



  1. Annual free listing with company information and contact address in the Directory delivered to all VTHR Members
  2. Business Associations Worldwide, Foreign Consulates and International Business Groups in Vietnam etc.


  1. Reflect opinions to top Authorities through the Vietnam Business Forum’s Working Groups led by professionals Strengthen mutual understanding for participation in Vietnam Business Forum


  1. Periodic Functions and Gatherings – Monthly Member Nights; Festival Dinners; Family Days etc.
  2. Special interest committees as (1) Charity (2) Event (3) Garment & Textile (4) Vietnam Business Forum’s Subcommittees
  3. Joint-activities with International Business Groups in Vietnam at Member admission
  4. Free admission for some appointed activities and Annual General Meeting
  5. Government agencies and business representatives worldwide
  6. Opportunity for attend Asia Forum annually held in Asia (incl. Vietnam, Korea, China, Japan, Singapore and Thailand)


By joining VTHR, you become part of an active and dynamic foreign business association, with about over 1,000 Corporate Partners and Business Representatives.

Committees, informal working groups, and over 150 business networking and informational events a year will help you get involved, stay informed, and connect with like minds. Being an VTHR member is the perfect way to network, share information, advocate, and problem-solve to improve the business environment and expand your organization.

Join us and find out what VTHR Vietnam can do for you!