Honorary Vice President of Training and Human Resources Development Association


Honorary Vice President of Training and Human Resources Development Association

Dr. Raymond Cheng is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Wyith group of companies in HongKong

Dr. Raymond Cheng is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Wyith group of companies. With extensive knowledge and experience in software engineering, electronic supply chains, industrial market research, cybercrime and fraud prevention, he guides the team to turn ideas into products and services, secure trading platforms, and technology solutions for clients. He defines business foci and strategic directions for the group.
Social and Political Affiliations

Apart from running Wyith, Dr Cheng participated in various kinds of social and economic research projects since early 1990s. In Spring 1995 he joined the Hong Kong Liberal Party and conducted political research projects, mostly focussing upon the future ideological structure of the Hong Kong as well as the livelihood of the people. He also carried out projects with particular emphasis on the development of the economy and on the socioeconomics of transport development of Hong Kong.
In addition to socioeconomic research, he had served as researcher for a number of local legislative councillors before the handover of Hong Kong. He still serves as policy analyst and business re-engineering consultant to a number of local and overseas corporations.
In the Academia

On the academic side, Dr Cheng is an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the School of Humanities and Languages at the Caritas Institute of Higher Education. He is also a Visting Lecturer for the Master of Art programme in Bilingual Corporate Communications at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University as well as a Visiting Professor at the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology. Dr Cheng also served as a Research Associate at the former Hong Kong Lingnan College (now Lingnan University), Department of Computer Studies. His project at the College (with Mr. Raymond Fu) concerns that of Hong Kong's New Territories Northwest transportation and economic development – a project investigating Hong Kong's future transportation and economy growth.

Dr Cheng is also fond of ancient Chinese medicine, culture, its origin and history. His research started since 1995 and is now known as TCMBasics.com. The project is highly recommended by many practitioners and has become one of the standard references for students studying the subject.
Vocational Training and Development

Dr Cheng sees continuing education and training as the prime factor of a company's success. As a consequence, he sponsored and also taught for the company's incubation programme since 1999. The aim of the original programme was to look for candidates with good potential in the MIS and IT field through technical and engineering training while offering them internships to work at the company's research and development centre in Dongguan Liaobu. The project was initiated and supported by the Rotary Club of Peninsula and was endorsed by the Publicity and Education Office of the Liao Bu Township Government, Guangdong Province in China. The course intake in 2000 February was 60 and the programme eventually expanded and transformed into Wyith Institute™ in 2003.
Public and Community Services

Dr Cheng is an active participant in public services. From 1997 to 2000, he was a member of the board of directors to the government-funded Hong Kong Museum of Site, MOST. MOST operates an installation and visual arts museum in Kat Hing Village, New Territories as well as managing the Shanghai Street Artspace Exhibition Hall in Kowloon. He is also a sponsor and former director of the Arts Development Consortium, a not-for-profit local art group, and Director for STORY, a local NGO. Dr Cheng was also former Divisional Vice President of the St John Ambulance in Hong Kong