Professor Hwang Hwa Seok, Honorary Vice President of VTHR


Professor Hwang Hwa Seok, Honorary Vice President of VTHR

Mr. Hwa Seok Hwang, PhD. Deputy Director of the Center for International Cooperation and Development Daegu Gyeongbuk is a person with many contributions in the field of international cooperation relations between Vietnam and Korea; He has supported many Vietnamese PhD students to study and work in Korea as well as connect and support Vietnam and Korea.
Vi Thanh City Human Resources Training and Development Association is pleased to invite you to hold the position of Honorary Vice President. We hope in the near future there will be development cooperation in the fields of training, labor, and high-tech agriculture.


(Cambodia) KOICA Public-Private Cooperation Incubating Area Survey
Master's degree training for strengthening agricultural productivity (developing countries)
(Developing and developing countries) Technical training project for overseas agricultural officials in Seonjin, Gyeongbuk
Invited training to strengthen the capacity to promote the Saemaul Movement (Honduras/Nakaragua)
(Cambodia/Laos) Project to invite foreign seasonal workers from rural areas
(Nepal) Experience Sharing and Exposure Visits on Farmers
Field School in South Korea Training Program
(Korea) Human Resources Development Project Group specializing in agricultural development of global food resources

Post-management evaluation of KOICA-Kyungpook National University's master's degree in food security and rural development

A Study on the Development and Construction of ODA Agricultural Sector

Evaluation of the governance characteristics of Andong International Mask Dance Festival

Comparative Study on the Characteristics and Evaluation of Regional Festival Governance Structure

Improvement plan through evaluation of governance characteristics of Yeongcheon Chinese Medicine Festival