Thailand is a new market for Vietnamese labors


Thailand is a new market for Vietnamese labors

Thailand's labor market

Since 2017, Vietnam has officially brought Vietnamese workers to Thailand. This is a potential market because it is very close to Vietnam, convenient to travel between the two countries and the cost is very low. It is predicted that the dynamic program in Thailand 2022 will attract many workers.

According to information from the Department of Overseas Labor, the units that can legally send workers to work in Thailand are enterprises that have a license according to Vietnam's regulations.

According to a resolution in the Thai Cabinet meeting earlier this week, the Thai side will open the market for Vietnamese workers in two industries: construction and fishery. The content of the draft Memorandum of Understanding on labor cooperation as well as the draft Agreement on labor recruitment mentions that Thailand receives Vietnamese workers, the labor cooperation mechanism, the rights protection mechanism as well as the development of labor cooperation. professional skills development for Vietnamese workers.

Currently, millions of unskilled laborers from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar are working in Thailand and according to the local government's assessment, more than 50,000 unskilled Vietnamese workers are working in this country.

As a new market that has just been put into operation, the income level of Vietnamese workers in Thailand is quite low compared to other countries such as Japan, Korea, and Taiwan...The average salary of an employee is about 12,000 - 14,000 baht, equivalent to 8 - 10 million / month.

Thailand continues to need about 100,000 unskilled workers. Thailand has a labor cooperation agreement with Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, while the majority of Vietnamese workers enter Thailand in the form of tourism.

Entering the Thai labor market, Vietnam will be the fourth country to receive unskilled labor from Thailand and also the first country without a land border with Thailand to receive unskilled labor from Thailand according to the following regulations. bilateral agreement.


Employment conditions:

Male/Female aged 18 to 38
Qualifications and qualifications: Not required
Health: Achieve health results
Not subject to a ban on entry to Thailand
Foreign languages: training after matriculation.
Specific requirements will depend on the job and the employer.